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Need more details about ZenDay?
Here’s a list of answers we have for you.

. Actions .

  • How can I schedule actions with ZenDay?

    ZenDay is optimized for quick entry: - Verbs, which are linked to specific phone functions, like Call, eMail, SMS, Text, etc. - Contacts from your address book For example, entering “Call John Doe” takes 6 taps max. This task allows to call John in 3 taps.

  • How can I get an itinerary to my meeting location?

    When tapping on an appointment with some location information, tap on the « location » button to open Maps directly

. Calendars .

  • Can I keep my existing calendars?

    Don’t worry, ZenDay syncs automatically with all the calendars set up on your mobile. You can select which calendars are displayed by using the Settings menu.

  • Can I create meetings with ZenDay?

    Yes, just like any other calendar app, ZenDay allows you to create meetings and all-day events.

. Debriefing .

  • Why is debriefing important?

    All coaches know this secret: debriefing recent past events is fundamental in achieving future improvements. ZenDay allows you to step back and check how you did last week so that you do better next week. Take control of your time so you can significantly reduce your level of stress.

  • How do I debrief my actions?

    You can rate all your activity: appointments and tasks. ZenDay keeps 4 weeks of history + the current week. Debrief is very simple: 1 touch per task/appointment.

. Google Tasks .

  • Can ZenDay sync my Google Tasks?

    Yes! We now offer a plug-in that will sync your Google Task account with ZenDay. Get it today for only $2.99!

  • Does ZenDay support sub-tasks with Google Tasks?

    Yes, ZenDay supports one level of sub-tasks: a main task and its sub-tasks.

  • Which fields does ZenDay sync with Google Tasks?

    ZenDay synchronizes the task’s Title, Notes, and Deadline. ZenDay’s specific data, like Start date, or Debriefing status, are not sync’d with Google Tasks.

  • What is the « Related email » feature?

    When using Gmail and Gtask in your browser, you can create a task from an email with one key stroke: Shift-T. Click this link for more details: Google Tasks in Gmail. Once the task is created and sync’d to ZenDay, you will be able to tap on the task in ZenDay and on the « Related email » link to open that mail in your browser.

. Tasks .

  • Can I create tasks with ZenDay?

    Absolutely! ZenDay’s full value is unlocked when you merge your tasks with your calendar. You can create floating tasks or fixed tasks.

  • Can I create sub-tasks with ZenDay?

    Yes, ZenDay supports sub-tasks, and they’re listed in the pop-up display when you tap on a task. You can also mark the sub-tasks as done, or add or delete them in the « Edit more » screen.

  • What is a floating task?

    By default, new tasks are floating: as long as they are not “Done” or deleted, they will stay in front of you.

  • What is a fixed task?

    You can set a Task as “Fixed”, meaning you are manually scheduling the task, at a precise date & time.

  • What’s special about creating tasks and meetings with ZenDay?

    Everything is done in the 3D view. Editing a task never hides the 3D view, so you can still navigate and see the full context of your changes.

. Widgets .

  • What can the ZenDay widgets do for me?

    The « Today » widget lists everything about today: what is still ahead of you, and what you have done. Take actions, set tasks as done or enter new tasks directly from the widget. The « To do » widget only focuses on what is ahead of you, today and the following days. You can of course take actions, set tasks as done, or enter new tasks.

. Work hours .

  • I work during nights and ZenDay doesn’t let me change my work hours.

    We will soon add an option for our users who work at night. In the meantime, one workaround is to set your work hours from 0:00 to 0:00 and set the « Lunch Break » so it covers you non-working hours.

. General .

  • Can I change ZenDay’s look & feel?

    You can change the color « skin » from ZenDay’s menu. You can also change the background. To revert to the original background, apply the skin once again. Watch for new skins in the near future, or create your own using our upcoming ZenDay skin design guide.

What are all the Android permissions for?

The list below explains what the permissions are used for. We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously, and will never collect any private or personal information from your phone, like contacts, calendar entries or any other data in your phone. If you have any concern, please contact us at

. Add or remove accounts
Used to select which calendar account to sync and display
. Directly call phone numbers
Used for the « Call » button within ZenDay
. Read calendar events plus confidential information
Used to display your calendar events
. Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge
Used to modify events in your calendar, and allow notification of attendees
. Read your contacts Used for quick task entry and enable actions (email, call, etc)
Used for quick task entry and enable actions (email, call, etc)
. Read phone status and identity
To enable the « Call » action from within ZenDay
. Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage.Modify or delete the contents of your sd card
Used to access the « Skins » directory on your SD card, for future skins
. Find accounts on the device
Allows ZenDay to find which calendars to display and sync
. Control vibration
ZenDay uses the vibrator for input feedback
. View network connections
For calendar syncing
. Test access to protected storage
For future use
. Read call log
Used to display missed calls in the « Done » section of the Widget