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Time Management app

The ZenDay Club

Perfect your Time Management skills

We created the ZenDay Club to help our Forward Thinkers become even better at managing their time.
Achieve your long term goals: get more serenity, better work/life balance or think even bigger.

Be part of the movement and contribute to the ZenDay experience

As a pioneering Member, your feedback and ideas will guide ZenDay’s evolution.
Your subscription will help us grow our team. With your support, we are creating the ultimate time management system.

Membership benefits

Follow our Experts

  • Learn Time Management Best Practices

    Videos and articles curated and written by our expert staff.
  • A different focus every week

    Weekly updates will cover different themes like Procrastination, Delegation, meeting organization, etc.
  • Access to all archives

    All your Time Management reference material in one convenient place.

Unlock exclusive features

  • Interactive Month + Week View

    Now edit and add tasks or events from your month view and visualize your week more easily. + screenshot à refaire

  • Weekly personalized coaching

    Get a relevant advice for your situation, based on your calendars and tasks.
  • Task Repetition

    Powerful and simple Repeating tasks.
  • Tasks Center

    Prioritize and edit your tasks from a single screen.
  • Notifications

    Get notified when tasks become urgent, due today or late.
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